I haven’t been everywhere, but my wish list is ready ....... 


Travelling is the opportunity & solution to stay relax live, positive & HAPPY, which purifies our body mind and soul. It changes the perception of life. Travelling is like Lemon Grass which just a common weed or plant but its fragrances and its medicinal value keeps us refreshing physically and mentally.

so lets stay connected with travel.

From last few months entire world is going through severe mental & physical trauma due to Corona (Tricky virus). Nobody knows from whom and how they are getting effected from this virus and what will be the end result, everything is uncertain. Everybody is scared and bound to stay inside their homes, people lost their jobs and world economy was crashed, entire world got stand still.

what an irony - that pollution level unrealistically reduced - but we are forced to wear mask, we lost our freedom to travel, we cannot go out to meet our near and dear ones and forced to maintain social distancing Which leading  people in severe depression.

However As per law of "Mother Nature" nothing is permanent in this world same as this scary nightmare of Corona, which is about to reach on its end  so life will be start shaping again and travel will be back on track, and people will regain there positivity by overcoming the fear. Lets pray for better tomorrow.


So lets connect with life and lemon grass get Freedom have fun and keep on travelling and travelling. 



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