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Rural Tourism

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Village or Rural tourism is growing not only in India but round the world. In rural Tourism, tourist or visitors stay in Village and enjoy that lifestyle which is completely different from urban area. There are specify village / rural areas which develop themselves accordingly so ecotourism can grow in that area without disturbing the equilibrium of the ecosystem, Same time villager also need to take interest toward this then only village tourism is possible, basically its combined effort of villagers to create a place to visit & stay.

To promote village tourism – basic requirement is good hygienic accommodation (not commercial) for tourist, clean & health food and the activities that tourist can enjoy during their stay – like interaction with locals, participating in local cultural activity, village walk, enjoy the variety of farming in village and last but not the least is clean and fresh air. Spending few nights in village will definitely refresh our body mind and soul. Many villages are promoting village tourism because such activity develop the basic infrastructure of a village and standard of living same time visitors / tourist can enjoy village life within limited resources (very basic) had a new experience of life. So we should spend few nights in village during our entire life. There are many eco resorts in rural areas to promote tourism, however staying in village house would definitely make the difference.

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