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Famous Golden Temple

Amritsar mean “Pool of nector” famous for Golden temple. Amritsar is one of the spiritual city for sikh devotees and other religion as well. Thousands of people from different parts of India & world visit the Amritsar every day. This city is famous for many other reasons like rich History, culture & Cuisine. Amritsar is located in northwest part of India and capital city of Punjab state.

Tourist attraction: - Golden Temple, Change of guard ceremony at Wagha border, Jallianwalan bagh, Durga Temple, taste local cuisine (chicken Tikka, Dal Makhni and more).

Connectivity: - Amritsar is well connected by International airlines and domestic flight connect with all major cities in India along with Indian railways.

Best time to Visit: - October to mid of April

Accommodation: - Luxury to budget class available

Recommended night stay:- 2 nights minimum

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